Hable Construction


Texan sisters and noted designers, Susan and Katharine Hable, have teamed up with S. Harris for a whimsical and energetic upholstery collection. Known for their lively range of color, their high-performance collection – aptly named Hable Construction after their New York City-based textile company – is their first venture into the hospitality market and adds to S. Harris' growing diversity of boutique designer programs.

The Hable sisters apply practicality, sophistication and timelessness into their designs. Their collection for S. Harris follows the same hallmark aesthetic – bold, graphic fabrics comprised of abstracted motifs budded with colorful, hand-drawn patterns. The brush-stroke effects and deliberate imperfections add personality and an element of fun throughout the collection.

"Whether it's Egyptian architecture, a Scandinavian roof top, an antique Bolivarian textile or the local flower market, happiness spurs inspiration," says Susan Hable. "Throw in a touch of sparkle and a punch of color – that's icing on the cake."

Organic elements and geometric, lofty-scaled shapes partner with striking color combinations to energize and inspire interior design.

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